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NVC Companion Workbook

A 12-week curriculum for use in conjunction with Dr. Rosenberg's book 'NVC: A Language of Life'. Contains exercises and activities, leader's guides, and hints for structuring and maintaining a practice group.

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A Practical Guide for Individual, Group or Classroom Study
by Lucy Leu

Learning Nonviolent Communication (NVC) has often been equated with learning a whole new language. The NVC Companion Workbook helps you put these powerful, effective communication skills into practice with chapter-by-chapter study of Rosenberg's cornerstone text, NVC: A Language of Life.

Create a safe, supportive group learning or practice environment that nurtures the needs of each participant. Find a wealth of activities, exercises and facilitator suggestions to refine and practice this powerful communication process.

Whether you're learning on your own, in a group or in a classroom, the NVC Companion Workbook will serve as an exceptional resource.

An exceptional resource for:

  • Individuals — All learning levels will benefit, as the NVC Companion Workbook guides you through self-directed study.

  • Group Practice — Find guidance for getting started, group process suggestions, customizable activities, and ideas for handling common group challenges.

  • Teachers — Find everything you need to develop your own NVC course or augment any existing curriculum, including an extensive reference and resource section.

Lucy Leu is the former board president of the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), and editor of the best selling Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life. Currently, she heads the Freedom Project, bringing NVC training to prison inmates to support their reintegration into society.

224 pages