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I have found the course confronting, yet essential to my growth as a person. It was so delicately balanced and you were so sensitive to everybody's needs.
I can definitely say it has changed my way of viewing interactions. I had Jehovah's witnesses at my door step an hour ago and instead of telling them I'm busy or not interested in what they have to say, I voiced my need and asked what their emotion and need might be and we parted with acknowledgement and love 3 minutes later. So much understanding in such an unlikely scenario. 
Thank you!

Tomaya Weiser

I have started a new relationship, and by using the skills Dorset taught me I've been able to express myself with much more clarity, which has enabled the relating to reach a deep level very quickly. I understand what is happening for myself and can ask what's happening for him with grace and openness. I am experiencing more ease and openness in my heart, which feels liberating. Thank you for embodying NVC with so much love and conviction. We need more Dorsets in the world!

Ahna de Vena

The thing that hit me the most in the training was the discovery that I actually have needs. And that it's ok to have them. And better yet, it's ok to ask for them to be met. Understanding this has taken the fuel out of the angry fire that has been burning uncontrollably inside me lately. I can now see that anger has come from me not recognising my needs,  or understanding how to have them met in a way that brings people closer to me rather than pushing them away. Thank you.


I learned to let the static go and connect with others from my heart. My relationship with one of my daughters was very tense for a number of years and it has taken time to rebuild, however after I've done your workshop she rang me and poured her heart out and we were on the phone for 2 hours in a completely new quality of connection and she rang me the next day to thank me for listening to her. I now have hope to re-establish and heal my relationship with my other daughter who cut her ties with all her family and whom I perceived very aggressive, however now I have shifted my perception to a soul in great pain screaming to have her needs met. I know also that although my relationship with my grandchildren was great it can be even greater and I am so excited! I've also been able to relate to my clients from an abundant heart rather from a mind full of judgment. I've also been much more loving in my self-talk. I've been telling all my friends about NVC!

Maria de Fatima Felix


After 7 years of reading and working with friends with NVC, I had the opportunity to do the workshop Communicate with Compassion with Dorset and I have experienced a significant change in my life.  The relations with myself, my husband, my children, friends and community has changed. Mostly, I have developed understanding, and connection in my surroundings. I have found a way to communicate to myself and others in a effective and wholesome way. NVC has provided a key to open my heart  and feel safe, happier, peaceful and helpful.  Thank you!

Nella DelCastillo

I was touched by the depth of connection I felt when Dorset was communicating with myself and the group.

I feel renewed energy and enthusiasm for each new day. I knew experiencing NVC was going to be exciting but the deep level of clarity and awareness I gained from doing just one of the exercises was so profound for me I was in awe.

I discovered when I connect my feeling in the present with my unmet "Need", this unmet need doesn't necessarily relate to the present situation. It can be from another time and place being brought to the surface by a similar sequence of words that retrigger the old emotion and make it the Now. The recognition I gained in one of those Ah-hah feelings of self enlightenment being that in that moment, I became free of the confusion, let go of my negative feelings as I realised what was happening to me, and was instantly filled with understanding and joy.

I would recommend Dorset's workshops to everyone There is nobody who wouldn't benefit from the experience. Dorset's fantastic presentation skills meant that on all levels — audio/visual and kinaesthetic — our needs were met.

Helen Fraser

NVC training reminded me that we are all simply meeting a need by our every action... that is especially helpful to remember when dealing with children. We are gaining resilience as a family, and while we need all the practice we can get, NVC is helping us to build on our strengths; we have now embarked on a routine that gives us time together, gets the chores done, has us fed at a reasonable time, and has the girls in bed in good time for a busy new day. This is bringing us closer than I could have imagined. We could not have got to this point without NVC.

Rachel Roddam

I thoroughly enjoyed the NVC 2-day training and appreciate the format Dorset created to help make learning fast and easy. The balance between flow and structure as well as the consideration given to audio, visual and kinaesthetic modes of learning meant the needs of each individual in the group were well catered for. Dorset's expertise, knowledge, passion and experience of leading NVC groups is evident in how he teaches and delivers the information. All this added with a sprinkle of fun, humour and love meant I came away from the NVC Training feeling fulfilled and nourished.

How has it changed my life? I need look no further than my relationship with my girlfriend - we have not had a fight since! The power and simplicity of this work, not to mention your skill of communicating it, has meant that I have come away with a new life transforming tool and am able to use it with immediate effect. And all in the space of 2 days! I take this opportunity to thank Dorset from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful gift he has passed on to me. I sincerely hope and pray millions of others will come to learn of this great work.


This is a really amazing tool for compassionate communication. I got so much out of these 2 days, understanding and even more a new way to deal and communicate with others. Dorset is a wonderful, humorous teacher who has deeply embodied this work. I can only highly recommend this work for all couples, parents, therapists, and everybody else. NVC offers a real conflict resolution that can help so many people to make peace with themselves and with others. Wonderful work! Thank you so much!

Turiya Hanover, Therapist, Co-creator and Facilitator, Path of Love

I have employed the skills already numerous times with great results.
The NVC skills are remarkable . They are very relevant to anyone who wishes to find ‘self –empowerment’ and a way to communicate effectively and meaningfully with others in their life.
It is a way to bring spirituality into everyday interaction with people. Not in a way where we have to turn the other cheek but to recognise one’s own highest values and seeing them reflected in others especially the ones we would like to condemn from our victim position. Dorset as a facilitator of this work presents the structures in a loving and authentic way. I can recommend him and the work without hesitation.

Volker Krohn, (M.A. Psych., Director Hoffman Centre Australia)

I very much enjoyed Dorset's teaching. It gave me so much joy to learn and practice this new tool, and it feels it is so much more than just a tool . . . it actually goes very deep. Every time I have a conversation now I have the choice to either put some awarenes and effort into it or to just 'jackal' away. And whenever I decide to do NVC the reward is amazing, so touching and enriching on all levels.

Since my partner and I have been practicing NVC together our connection has become so much more fun (we laugh a lot), we both feel so much more seen, cared for and loved which breaks down walls that have been there for months if not years . . .

I am very happy that I have done NVC with Dorset, I think he is a very special teacher (looooved the role plays, brilliant) but also his gentleness and skillful teaching.

We will come back!

Devi, Path of Love Facilitator

I am really excited that I now have a means to say "no" freely, by expressing my feelings and needs etc.

I was able to connect with myself and understand (on a deeper level) just what it is I do (or have done in the past) in certain situations, so I'm better positioned now to identify it and deal with it earlier the next time. I've understood . . . if I can remain present with this process I can create safety for myself and others, therefore the 'not remaining present' thing I do when I don't feel safe may become redundant with practice.

In a nutshell your workshop has given me the means to create the safety I need to be/express myself honestly. I really 'got' the importance of connecting firstly with myself, giving myself empathy etc. This has truly been the missing link for me. So I feel a great sense of relief and lightness as my need to be authentic now has a means of being met.

Victoria Alford

I gained insights as to why my mother and I have not been able to get along (I’m 51 years old), and am now listening to her with empathy. People that I talk to about what I have learned are impressed at the understanding gained from listening with empathy, and ensuring that my feelings and needs are being stated (and taking responsibility for them).

I am looking forward to being able to teach this to my daughter, which will strengthen our relationship also.

Michelle Mitchell

The workshop helped consolidate the knowledge and tools of NVC (which I had previously read about)- and the activities were fantastic.

The 'helpers' you had were fabulous and incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. I felt like we were all in great hands.

Through your course I learned a lot, met wonderful people and am inspired to continue to use and develop my NVC skills. Thank you for the weekend.

Liz Fritzlaff
Melbourne NLP Life Coaching 'creating successful change and exciting futures'

I did many workshops around the subject 'relating' before, read many books about communication, etc., but NVC really gave me many valuable tools, which I did not have before and a lot of insight in this matter. I am much more able now and at ease, to deal with difficult or challenging situations, recognizing more what is going on behind certain behaviors of others (Anger, 'Jackal'- language, etc..) and very helpful to me, how to approach these situations with the chance of a positive outcome.

It has helped me in situations with my friends, family, and also very much in business communication.

With the process of NVC and with it the choice of going deeper than 'Jackal'- language (plus the tool to guide even people not knowing NVC into 'Giraffe' -language), I find connecting so much more intimate and fulfilling.


I am having different conversations, especially with members of my family - Mum, Dad and my sisters. Instead of the usual (coffee shop) conversations, twoing and froing our opinions and judgements, I am trying to reflect back what is going on for them - their feelings and needs. I find I am often guessing right and I am really enjoying a closer connection with the people I love.

I've also identified some unmet needs, such as the need for more companionship and more fun. I did a mental NVC 'dance' on the weekend to revisit an incident that occured some time ago which was still painful for me. Although I was not able to involve the other parties at the time, I was able to give myself some self-empathy and identify what my needs were and what the needs of the other party were. I've decided to look out for opportunities to address my unmet needs.

While there are some things I need to address in my life, NVC has given me hope. It has given me the tools to come 'unstuck'. I am finding it more powerful than any other self-development process I've looked into for making changes in my life.

Melissa Moore

John Gray, Ph.D., Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus :
  "These dynamic communication techniques transform potential conflicts into peaceful dialogues."
Anthony Robbins :
"No matter what issue you're facing, NVC will set you up to win every time."
Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success :
  "NVC provides us with the most effective tools to foster health and relationships."
Francis Lefkowitz, Body and Soul :
  "Changing the way the world works sounds daunting, but Nonviolent Communication helps liberate us from ancient patterns of violence."
Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul series :
  "I believe the principles and techniques in NVC can literally change the world!"
Midwest Book Review :
  "NVC is as timely as it is necessary to the peaceful resolution of conflicts, personal or public, domestic or international."