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Speaking Peace

A beginner-friendly course in Marshall Rosenberg’s approach for creating harmony with your words. 2CD Set


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This recording, produced by Sounds True, explains the purpose of NVC, how to use the four components of the NVC model to express ourselves honestly and respond empathically to others, and to bring about change within ourselves, others, and within larger social systems. Includes songs, stories and examples.

Our words have the power to create profound healing or incredible suffering. Yet even with the best intentions, it is often difficult to express ourselves in ways that build harmony and trust.

Speaking Peace presents a seminal four-part model you can use immediately to connect to the spirit of love and generosity within you, and start contributing to the well-being of everyone you relate to. For over 40 years, visionary author Marshall Rosenberg has used the process of Nonviolent Communication to help families, schools, businesses, and governments reach accord in seemingly impossible conflicts.

Join this pioneering voice to learn:

  • How to use your natural empathy to defuse stressful situations, and safely confront anger, fear, and other emotions
  • Proven skills for overcoming dehumanizing communication patterns that block compassion
  • How to see through the eyes of others to foster understanding, and more.

Marshall Rosenberg teaches that when you convey what is alive in you, your true feelings, and the values and desires behind them, you establish honest, nurturing relationships that eventually fulfill everyone's needs. With Speaking Peace, learn how to align your speech with your heart's purest depths.

2 CD Set
2.5 hrs