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NVC Foundation Trainings

Bali, Indonesia

1 day NVC Foundation Training

October 20 9am–5pm: Ubud

2 day Advanced NVC Training* in Deepening Intimacy

October 27–28 9.30 am – 5 pm both days: Ubud

More info: Miranda  balinvc@gmail.com


2 day NVC Foundation Training

3 – 4 Nov: 9.30 am – 5 pm both days (Venue: D’Leedon Condominium)

Single: S$340

Couple/ Bring a friend: S$580 ($100 discount)

1 day Advanced NVC Training* Couples: From Conflict to Connection:

5 Nov (Monday); 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm (Venue: TBC)

More Info: Shu Mei  shumei@chapterzero.org

England, UK

1 day NVC Foundation Training

Kingsbridge Devon

Early December

Venue: TBA

* Advanced trainings are for people who have read NVC / attended NVC workshops / NVC Practice Group



John Gray, Ph.D., Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus :
  "These dynamic communication techniques transform potential conflicts into peaceful dialogues."
Anthony Robbins :
"No matter what issue you're facing, NVC will set you up to win every time."
Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success :
  "NVC provides us with the most effective tools to foster health and relationships."
Francis Lefkowitz, Body and Soul :
  "Changing the way the world works sounds daunting, but Nonviolent Communication helps liberate us from ancient patterns of violence."
Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul series :
  "I believe the principles and techniques in NVC can literally change the world!"
Midwest Book Review :
  "NVC is as timely as it is necessary to the peaceful resolution of conflicts, personal or public, domestic or international."