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NVC Foundation Trainings

Upcoming NVC Foundation Trainings


CAMBODIA ~ 25-26 May 2019

From Conflict to Connection ~
2 Day NVC Foundation Training

9:00am to 4:30pm
Romdeng #74, Street 174, Phnom Penh
USD140 per person

In times of stress we often say things that sabotage getting what we want.
 We criticise or blame instead of making a request. Shining the light of our
 consciousness on the thoughts and feelings that precede our words, reveals choices that are more likely to meet our needs. We can also choose to hear 
ourselves and others in ways that foster connection, rather than separation.

Join us if you wish to :
~ Develop a deeper connection with yourself and others
~ Raise consciousness around your thoughts and the words you choose
 to express yourself.
~ and the choices you have in hearing others.
~ Create and maintain balance and harmony, no matter what the circumstances.

NVC enhances awareness and offers practical and easy to learn tools 
for conscious – and effective – communication.

For more information and Bookings:
See the Poster (click here)
Email nvc.pnp@gmail.com


Advanced Trainings

Upcoming NVC Advanced Trainings


CAMBODIA ~ 1 June 2019

Managing Anger and Shame
1 Day NVC Advanced Training

9:00am to 4:30pm
Romdeng #74, Street 174, Phnom Penh
USD70 per person

For most of us Anger is not our friend. We fear it in others and
 we fear it in ourselves. It is the default we go to when we unconsciously react to a stimulus we do not enjoy.
What if it was also trying to tell us we are up in our heads judging, blaming, or thinking that this should be different from how it is, and not connected to the feelings beneath the anger?
What if we were to pause, take a breath, and consciously choose
 to express those feelings of pain, sadness, fear and/or shame,
 and the unmet needs attached to them?
Would it be easier for others to hear?
• Come and join Dorset in a day of self exploration, revealing how and why we judge others when we are angry, and ourselves when we are ashamed.
• Learn how we can replace those judgements with
compassion and understanding, both for ourselves and for others.

For more information and Bookings:
See the Poster (click here)
Email nvc.pnp@gmail.com


CAMBODIA ~ 2 June 2019

Return to Love
1 Day NVC Advanced Training

9:00am to 4:30pm
Romdeng #74, Street 174, Phnom Penh
USD70 per person

We all carry unhealed wounds from our past relationships. These traumas reappear in our present, creating repeating patterns of pain until we heal them. In this one day workshop we will learn how to:
~ Dissolve the enemy images that plague us,
~ Move towards accepting ourselves as we really are,
~ Express ourselves without fear of blame or judgement,
~ Be present with the pain of others without needing
    to fix them so we can feel better.

For more information and Bookings:
See the Poster (click here)
Email nvc.pnp@gmail.com


Travel & Transport

If we can help in any way regarding your travel arrangements please do not hesitate to ask.

Both Gold Coast and Ballina aiports service Byron Bay, being about the same distance – around 45 mins by car. Your choice of airport may depend on flight times to suit a 5pm arrival at the venue. Gold Coast has around  8 -10 Virgin and 8 -10 Jetstar flights daily, while Ballina has around 1 Rex, 2 Virgin and 2 Jetstar flights daily. We recommend Virgin as being the most reliable and having the best service.

Please factor into your travel plans that Daylight Savings will affect your timing from the Gold Coast to NSW at certain times of year.

The venue address is: Songline, 4 Buckleys Road, Tyagarah, 2481 NSW

Airport Transfers
To get to and from the airport, we recommend these shuttle bus services for Gold Coast and Ballina:

Xcede and Byron Easy Bus meet all the Virgin and Jetstar flights at Gold Coast and Ballina Airports; however the Ballina shuttles will not take you as close to our venue as Gold Coast ones.
Cost is approx $35 and if coming from the Gold Coast you need to ask to be dropped off  ‘at the end of Grays Lane, Tyagarah’. We are happy to come and pick you up from there if you will just let us know on the day, and phone or text us when you are about 15 minutes away (ask the driver). If you are planning on taking a Ballina shuttle, please let us know so we can assist with the final leg of your journey.

Gold Coast Shuttle will come right to our door from the Gold Coast airport for $75 per two persons, then $20 per additional person, so if you know of others travelling at the same time, perhaps you can get together and save ; )

Their contact details are:
Xcede http://www.xcede.com.au/ Ph: 1300 233 113  ‬International Callers:‪‪  61 2 66 209 200

Byron Easy Bus http://www.byronbayshuttle.com.au/ Ph: (02) 6685 7447

Gold Coast Shuttle http://www.goldcoastshuttle.com.au/ Ph: 0401 946 041  ‬ ‬
‬ ‬
For those coming by their own transport
Grays Lane runs from the Pacific Hwy down to the beach just north of Byron Bay.
When driving north you will need to slow down when you see the sign for a rest stop on the left.

There will be a white sign for Grays Lane and a blue sign for Tyagarah Airstrip at this turn off.
Turn right into the central median and then cross the south bound lanes.
Continue into Grays lane, heading east, towards the beach.
After going up a hill and down the other side you will find Buckleys Road is on the right.
Songline is the first two gates on the right on Buckleys Rd.
Enter by the second gate to drive up the driveway, deposit luggage, register etc.
Entry by the first gate leads to the parking area at the bottom of the driveway in front of the Dormitory Shed.

Please give us a call if you need help to get your bags up the drive.

For information on Accommodation and Meals, please click here.